As a public service and as part of our effort to support lifelong learning, we provide supervision of student examinations at the Main Library (top floor), subject to the availability of authorized staff, according to the following conditions:

Contacting the Library

All requests for proctoring must come to the library in writing. Students who need a test proctored should direct the testing institution to contact the Library in advance by email at Telephone inquiries either from a student or testing institution must be followed by written requests to We will inform the institution if we are able to meet the restrictions they require. If we are unable to do so, we reserve the right to deny this service. Exams may be sent to us by mail or email.

Scheduling the Examination

If we agree to proctor the test, the student must call us at 617-376-1300 x3 or email us at to schedule a time. Students and testing institutions should be advised that the exam will be proctored by whichever librarian is working at the information desk at the time the exam is scheduled. We do not assign specific staff to proctor exams. If the librarian who gives the student the test materials and records the start time must leave before the student has completed, he or she may designate another librarian to sign any required documentation.


Before administering the examination, the monitoring librarian will verify the identity of the student by requiring a picture ID. The librarian will read and follow the proctor instructions on the test and seat the student in sight of the information desk and in view of a clock.

Limitations of Supervision

Due to the daily business demands of a public library, we cannot ensure a quiet environment, nor can we ensure that staff will be closely observing the student during the entire exam. We cannot restrict or enforce restrictions on the use of textbooks, notebooks, notes, or handheld electronic devices. The student will be responsible for following the test instructions and keeping track of his/her own time.

Returning the Exam to Testing Institution

We cannot pay for postage or other shipping charges. We will not photocopy or keep copies of exams on file. We cannot fax any correspondence, forms, or letters of confirmation outside of our local area codes. However, we can fax or scan completed tests back to the school. If we are required to mail the completed exam back to the testing institution, the student or testing institution must provide the envelope or package, as well as postage and the cost of a tracking number if such is required by the student or testing institution. If the student is allowed to fax a copy of test back to the testing institution, please include a note to that effect with the testing materials you send the library. A public fax machine (self-service with credit/debit card or prepaid fax card) is available on the second floor.

Online Exams

Online exams can be completed using library computers in the computer area if scheduled as dictated above. We cannot guarantee the speed of the library's Internet connection, or that the Internet connection will not be interrupted during the test. We cannot allow the installation of any special software that may be needed to complete the examination on a library computer. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that our computers are adequate for their test taking requirements. Students may bring their own laptops and connect to our wireless network, but we will not advise or assist in configuring personal laptops or software.


We do not charge for proctoring exams. Nor do we accept requests from testing institutions that charge a fee for proctoring. We do accept and appreciate donations in support of the library's collections and services.


Examinations must be completed by the student within 30 days of the library receiving the exam. Unless the student or testing institution contacts us about rescheduling an exam, we will discard exams that are not taken within that 30 days.

General Limitations

We cannot commit to proctoring an entire course of study or single exams requiring multiple sittings. Requests for exams in series will be treated as separate requests. Because of legal and ethical considerations, librarians will not sign a proctoring statement that attests to any supervision other than that described in this policy.

If these guidelines do not meet your needs, other public or academic libraries in the South Shore or Greater Boston area may offer the assistance you require.