Flower Artwork

October 2022 Exhibit

Everything is Interconnected- Juan Bernardo Peña Romero

The exhibit space is located in the Coletti Room on the first floor of the Main Library.

Painter Juan Bernardo Peña Romero believes we can open and generate space for thought through the image. Taking artistic inspiration from his writing, he uses color to flesh out written ideas or reflections.

Just as his paintings emerge from a reflection, the process of elaborating the image is a mediation. He uses a pendulum to help him choose the colors and shades in his designs as, ultimately, everything is interconnected. Peña Romero’s paintings are all designed with a purpose and an end – to recreate and help calm our spirits.

In continuation of the 2018 exhibition, “Thoughts in Color,” he presents, “Everything is Interconnected,” in a context full of vibrant colors.

Juan Bernardo Peña Romero is a former English instructor at Project Hope in Dorchester, MA, where he had the opportunity and privilege to assist students in basic learning. He is also a foot reflexologist practitioner and a current member of the Massachusetts Reflexology Association.