Kate TangneyMay 2022 Exhibit

The Inner Universe - Kate Tangney

The exhibit space is located on the first floor next to the fiction books on the south west side of the building.

Kate works primarily in acrylic and spray paint, with various mark making supplies and sometimes even embroidery mixed in. Experimenting with mark making and the contrast of textures has become a bit of an obsession, so she paints with literally anything and everything – from brushes and palette knives, to chopsticks, spatulas, and old credit cards. 

Lately she has become fascinated with how much of ourselves we share with the world, and how comfortable we feel peeling back the layers to reveal our true selves. Some people are an open book, and others keep their unique weirdness to themselves except for glorious little glimpses. A lot of this has made its way into her work, in layers of chaotic color, partially obscured and then scratched away to reveal glimpses of the hidden depths underneath. Her paintings are complex and layered, just like all the most interesting people.

Website: www.katetangney.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/katetangneystudio

Facebook: www.facebook.com/katetangneystudio

Artist Bio:

Kate Tangney is a mixed media painter living on the South Shore of Massachusetts with her husband and two kids. She graduated from Bridgewater State University in 2005 with a degree in Art & Graphic Design. After graduation, she took a 10 year break from painting to start a family. But one day (after binge-watching Bob Ross videos until 2 am), she impulse-bought some student grade acrylics and a cheap palette knife set, and started painting at her kitchen table. In the years since, she has moved to her cellar studio, affectionately dubbed “The Cave” where she can be found drinking too much coffee and listening to classic rock while painting.